Statement on Events at Nation’s Capitol Building on 01/06/2021

To say that I found the actions of yesterday’s ignorant mob attack reprehensible would be an understatement. At this moment in our nation’s continuing troubled growth, all of us must reckon with the bare racist and misogynist beliefs and history that plague our collective peace, well-being, and progression.

AMEND holds the principles of community, dignity, humanity, and respect at the core of our everyday work in correctional settings. And of utmost importance, we are committed and dedicated to improving health. We believe that just about everyone who works, lives or has lived in correctional settings knows deep down that our improved health will only come from the end of systemic oppression.

AMEND stands with every individual, organization, ally, loved one fighting against this oppression without relent. On behalf of myself and our entire team, I pledge to continue to steer our team at AMEND to identify and dismantle the dangerous pillars of racism and violence that often undermine our national health and progress. I hope you will too.

In solidarity,
Brie Williams