Covid-19: Answers, advice and actions for Healthcare Professionals

Amend at UCSF brings a public health approach to transform correctional culture into one of dignity and humanity for staff and residents. During the COVID-19 pandemic, our team of medical, public health, and prison reform experts has leveraged our collective expertise to provide clear and actionable steps for shaping COVID-19 policy, procedure and practice inside correctional facilities.

What’s New

Providing Acute Care for Seriously Ill Incarcerated Patients in the Community
Medical Isolation vs. Solitary Confinement
COVID-19 Evaluation & Treatment Algorithm

Amend Webinars

Prognostication in Correctional Healthcare

The Ethical Use of Medical Isolation to Reduce COVID-19 Transmission

COVID-19 Essential Information for Correctional Officers

Amend’s COVID-19 Resources

Clinical Guidelines for COVID-19 in Correctional Settings
Guidance for Requesting Compassionate Release During COVID-19
COVID-19 Policy Checklist
Public Health-Focused Decarceration Guidelines
Limiting COVID-19 Transmission: Release, Cohort, Test
Advance Care Planning for Incarcerated Patients

Additional Resources

Critical Value Podcast with Dr. Brie Williams
Prisons: Amplifiers of the COVID-19 Pandemic Hiding in Plain Sight
AMA Journal of Ethics: Caring for Incarcerated Individuals During COVID-19

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