Covid-19: Answers, advice and actions for Correctional STAFF

Amend at UCSF brings a public health approach to transform correctional culture into one of dignity and humanity for staff and residents.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, our team of medical, public health, and prison reform experts has leveraged our collective expertise to provide actionable steps for shaping COVID-19 policy, procedure and practice inside correctional facilities.


COVID-19 Essential Information for Correctional Staff

COVID-19 Information for Residents

Understanding the Difference Between Medical Isolation and Solitary Confinement

COVID-19 in Youth Detention Settings

Amend COVID-19 Resources

Limiting COVID-19 Transmission: Cohorting Guidelines

Understand the Difference between Solitary Confinement and Medical Isolation

Additional Resources

The Marshall Project is collecting data on COVID-19 infections in state and federal prisons. See how the virus has affected correctional facilities where you live.

The Appeal: Pandemic Exposes Shared Fate of Jailer and Jailed

COVID-19 in Correctional Settings: Challenges and Solutions

The Appeal: “We Must Immediately Release People From Jails and Prisons”

Interested in additional information? Click below for Amend guidance specifically for Correctional and Policy Leaders, Healthcare Professionals or Residents.