xxxCOVID-19 in Your Correctional Facility: Answers, Advice and Actions OLD

Amend at UCSF brings a public health approach to transform correctional culture into one of dignity and humanity for staff and residents. During the COVID-19 pandemic, our team of medical, public health, and prison reform experts has leveraged our collective expertise to provide clear and actionable steps for shaping COVID-19 policy, procedure and practice inside correctional facilities.


Highlighted Resources

Limiting COVID-19 in Corrections: Release, Cohort, Test

Guidance for Requesting Compassionate Release During COVID-19

Understand the Difference: Solitary Confinement vs. Medical Isolation

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COVID-19 and Youth Detention Settings

Ethical Use of Medical Isolation to Reduce COVID-19 Transmission


Evaluating and Treating COVID-19 (Part 1: Epidemiology & Transmission)

Evaluating and Treating COVID-19 (Part 2: Risk Factors)

Evaluating and Treating COVID-19 (Part 3: Identification and Testing)


COVID-19 in Correctional Settings for Residents

Prognostication and early release during COVID-19 for healthcare clinicians

Managing COVID-19 for Correctional Staff



For Correctional Leaders

COVID-19 Management Checklist

Establish policies and practices to mitigate an outbreak in your facility.  Leverage the COVID-19 Policy Checklist.
Educate your staff and residents
Reduce resident count using Population Reduction Guidelines and make the case for decarceration. 
Limit transmission and outbreak through social distancing via small cohorts or “mini-communities”
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For Correctional Officers

COVID-19 Management Checklist

Watch this video to learn about COVID-19, how it spreads and how to lower your risk
Learn the difference between medical isolation, quarantine and solitary confinement and communicate the difference to residents
Learn about PPE (personal protective equipment), and how to put on and take off masks

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For Correctional Healthcare Staff

COVID-19 Management Checklist

Refer to this sample PDF to develop clinical guidelines for COVID-19.  Amend’s evaluation and treatment algorithm can assist as you face challenges in correctional settings


Ensure staff and patients understand the distinction between medical isolation, quarantine and solitary confinement 
Understand the medical/public health rationale for decarceration during COVID-19 and follow these steps to request compassionate release during COVID-19


Develop and communicate a medical prognosis for incarcerated patients


Understand Advance Care Planning for Incarcerated Patients and discuss with patients and other medical staff


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For Advocates

COVID-19 Resources


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