COVID-19 in Your Correctional Facility: Answers, Advice and Actions

Amend at UCSF brings a public health approach to transform correctional culture into one of dignity and humanity for staff and residents. During the COVID-19 pandemic, our team of medical, public health, and prison reform experts has leveraged our collective expertise to provide actionable steps for shaping COVID-19 policy, procedure and practice inside correctional facilities.

Highlighted Resources

Minimize COVID-19 Transmission: Release, Cohort, Test
Requesting Compassionate Release during COVID-19
Understand the Difference: Solitary Confinement vs. Medical Isolation


Specialized Guidance

We are here for you! Click below for resources designed for each member of the correctional community. Please share your requests and needs with us via email.

COVID in California Prisons Program 

Our COVID in California Prisons Program aims to document and assess capacity in California state prisons to respond to COVID-19, and provide recommendations that prioritize the dignity, health, and wellbeing of currently incarcerated people, staff, and surrounding communities.  Click here to find out more about the team, and the work they are doing.


Amend Webinars


COVID-19 and Youth Detention Settings

Ethical Use of Medical Isolation to Reduce COVID-19 Transmission

CA Senate Testimony

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Amend Publications about COVID