Prisons and jails that have partnered with Amend are seeing striking impact on crucial indicators of health, well-being and job satisfaction. 

Corrections systems that have worked with Amend report drops as large as 80 percent in the use of solitary confinement, which is tied to poor physical and mental health outcomes.

Over a 6-month period, participating correctional officers from the Oregon Department of Corrections, experienced profound changes to their health, safety and well-being: 

Decreased Violence Among Residents, Decreased Staff Assaults

Officers reporting frequent incidents of violence on their unit dropped by half and those who said they had been the direct target of an assault dropped from 50% to 20%.

Improved Well-Being Among Staff

The proportion of officers who said that working in corrections made them more harsh and less trusting of family and friends fell from 63% to 26%.

Fewer Symptoms of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), Poor Health

Participants experienced sharp drops in symptoms of PTSD (hyper-vigilance, avoidance, nightmares, unwanted thoughts) and were less likely to report being concerned about their health or drinking.

Reduced Use of Sick Days

In one participating special housing unit, sick day dropped by more than 25% while job satisfaction improved.

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