The Problem

American prisons and jails have a profound adverse impact on the health of everyone who lives and works inside them. Suicide is common, and on the rise, as a leading cause of death for prisoners, and correctional officers have one of the lowest life expectancies of any profession in America — around 59. Living or working in degrading, dehumanizing conditions is devastating for the physical and mental health of all involved — and far too often, that’s the reality.

Amend’s Approach

Amend at UCSF fundamentally transforms culture inside prisons and jails to reduce their debilitating health effects. We provide a multi-year immersive program drawing on public health-oriented correctional practices from Norway and elsewhere to inspire changes in correctional cultures and create environments that can improve the health of people living and working in American correctional facilities.

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Our Impact

Over the past five years, Amend has worked with multiple departments of corrections to bring about: significant reductions in violence and in the use of solitary confinement in their facilities; increased job satisfaction and self-reported well-being for correctional officers; and improved well-being and readiness for reentry among residents.

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Current and Past Partners