As a public health-focused program, AMEND seeks to abolish systems designed to inflict harm and perpetuate unequal access to health and human rights while also treating as urgent the need to do all we can to immediately reduce harm and safeguard the dignity and well-being of the millions of peoples currently enmeshed in these same systems.

Culture Change Initiatives

AMEND is a public health and human rights focused program that works in prisons and jails to reduce the debilitating health effects of these facilities on residents and staff alike, while simultaneously joining policy makers and community leaders to demand a better, new system of accountability and healing with human rights and health at its center. We provide multi-year immersive programs that draw on dignity-driven and public health-oriented correctional practices from Norway and elsewhere to inspire immediate changes in correctional facilities. We also engage in research, evaluation and science to develop the health-related evidence needed to drive broader and deeper systemwide change.

AMEND’s Affiliated Initiatives

AMEND brings a public health and human rights lens to assessing the health and healthcare needs of people who are incarcerated with a focus on policy oriented research.

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