About Amend at UCSF

Amend at UCSF is a public health and human rights program that works in prisons to reduce their debilitating health effects on residents and staff, while also joining policy makers and community leaders to advance decarceration strategies and a better, new system of accountability and healing in the US. We focus on health-focused culture-change initiatives, staff training, public education, advocacy, and policy-oriented research.


Prison Culture Change Initiative

Bringing international best practices in public health to change the culture in US prisons.

Prison Healthcare System Improvement

Offering analysis and technical assistance focused on improving prison healthcare with a focus on aging and serious illness.

Health Policy Consulting and Analysis

Providing analysis of state and federal legislation, and assistance with developing healthcare-related policies in US prisons.

Research and Evaluation

Creating an evidence base for public health-focused prison culture change and improved healthcare in prisons.