Research and Evaluation

Correctional Health Care & Culture Change Research

Prison environments negatively impact the lives of incarcerated people and those who are responsible for their care and custody. The Amend research team applies a framework grounded in social-ecological theory, human rights, and harm reduction to study these impacts and the effect that prison reform efforts have had in improving conditions and mitigating harmful conditions.

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The ARCH Network

Prison populations are aging rapidly. Yet very little research has been done to understand the health care needs of older adults and people with life-limiting illness in correctional settings. To help address this gap, Amend developed the Aging Research In Criminal Justice Health (ARCH) Network – an international research community working to advance knowledge of the impact of aging and illness on people in the criminal justice system. The ARCH Network facilitates networking and collaboration between academics and community-based organizations, offers pilot research funding, organizes a bimonthly seminar series on research in criminal-justice health care, and fosters opportunities for academics to learn from community leaders.